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Don't put it off any longer! Now you can get organized to complete your observations of the 110 Messier objects with this handy new record book and keepsake. Provides data entry and comment spaces to ensure that your observations will comply with requirements for a Messier observing certificate.

Those who have finished the Messier list say that the hardest part is actually organizing their observations for submittal. That's where this logbook comes in.

Beautiful and sturdy, the Messier Observers Logbook is available in a generous 11" x 8 " format. It's weather and dew resistant, and offers custom formats for your observations of all 110 of the Messier Objects in three different observing activities:

  • Binocular Messier Observations
  • Telescopic Messier Observations
  • Messier Marathon Log & Reproducible Marathon Card

88 pages. True Coil Bound. Cover: black, midnight blue or maroon leatherette composite. only $14.99 + S&H.

Includes observing & recording hints,
scope & eyepiece data, observing
condition metrics, & lots of other helpful features, including supplemental observations of the Messier objects.

Telescopic Messier Observing Forms
. Messier & NGC #, common name, type, class, magnitude & size
2. Constellation, Chart # (SA 2000, UM 2000 2nd Ed), RA & Dec
3. Observing location, date/time, seeing conditions
4. Telescope aperture, f-ratio, eyepieces & filters
5. Detailed observing comments
6. Drawing/sketch on a 1.25-in circle.

Click page image for larger version.

Click page image for larger version

Binocular Observation & Marathon Forms
The logbook includes a special log for recording your binocular observations of the Messier objects, including large circles for field drawings. And there are also two logs for recording Messier Marathon results. These list the 110 Messier objects in the proper observing order to allow viewing of all the objects during one night in March and April in the Northern Hemisphere. Each of these logbooks includes ample identification information and provides appropriate space for observing comments.

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