Finally, an easy-to-use, streamlined, yet complete object-based format for recording detailed information on all types of deep sky objects, from galaxies and star clusters to planetary and diffuse nebulae; even double stars.

This is the astronomy book you write yourself! With room for observation notes and sketches for over 600 deep sky objects and a convenient index to find them, you'll be creating your own personal guide to the observable universe.

The logbook is also perfect for organizing your imaging sessions of deep sky objects, with the sketching circle useful for documenting the field of dim objects like the horsehead, bubble and crescent nebulae.

Beautiful and sturdy, the Deep Sky Observers Logbook is available in a generous 11" x 8 " format. It's weather and dew resistant., and offers space for observations of over 600 objects.
174 pages. Coil Bound. Cover: sturdy black, midnight blue, or maroon water resistant leatherette composite. $18.99 + S&H

Each deep sky object observing form contains ample space to record:
. Object identification, magnitude & type
2. Constellation, RA, Declination and size
3. Observing location, date/time, seeing conditions
4. Telescope aperture, f-ratio, eyepieces & filters
5. Detailed observing comments
6. Drawing/sketch on a 1.25-in circle.

Click page image for larger version.

Click page image for larger version
Easy-to-Use Navigation Aids

No more endless searching for observations through pages and pages of your observing notebooks.

Just enter catalog number and page for each object observed into appropriately-sized bins (7) for NGC, IC, Messier, Caldwell, UGC, and other catalogs (8).

If you know the catalog number for an object you've observed, just look it up in the appropriate index bin. Commonly observed Caldwell, Messier, and Arp objects have their own index.  User-defined bins are also provided.

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